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LVP is a venture capital seed fund investing in the games sector.





London, England

LVP is a venture capital seed fund with a difference - they are operating experts in the games sector, and only ever invest in the games ecosystem. That means LVP brings real experience and deep understanding. LVP speak the same language, share the same references, understand the same challenges - and believe in the same vision.

LVP know instinctively where the opportunities lie; where there are strengths to be harnessed and exposures to be covered. In fine-grain, no-hiding, straight-talking detail. They know when to bide time, when to iterate and when to go wide. And how.

LVP invest in people. That means founders with the potential to build the best in the world; teams with terrific, creative games development skills, or fantastic ideas for revolutionary games technology or services… and a vision that sets them apart.

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