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Ace Aquatec has grown from a family-run business into a global supplier of aquaculture solutions, focussing on local partnerships & bespoke personal solutions.

Ace Aquatec


Aquaculture | Marine


Scotland, Norway, Chile, Canada and Australia.

Ace Aquatec is an awarding winning aquaculture technology company specialising in-water electric stunners; automated waterjet bleeding; gentle contactless pumping; MMPA compliant predator deterrents, 3D biomass cameras and Sea Lice removal systems. They partner with world leading experts in different scientific fields to apply breakthrough technological developments to aquaculture and marine industries.
Ace Aquatec has grown from a family run business into a global supplier of aquaculture solutions retaining a key focus on local partnerships and personal customised solutions. They are the market leader in the UK for predator deterrents which protect fish farms from predators without harming the predators and won back-to-back Queen’s Awards for Innovation for those products. Their in-water electric stunner, that immediately renders fish unconscious before they leave the water to be processed, won a Queen’s Award, Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Innovation Award and the industry acclaimed Aqua Nor award for advances in fish welfare and sustainability. 

Ace Aquatec BioCam 3D Time-of-Flight camera for precise biomass readings.

Chris and Paddy’s investment and expertise in user interface design, technology and growing digital businesses has been a significant asset to our team as we strive to blend the best of physical and digital technologies to help our customers run environmentally sustainable operations.  We are currently tapping into their expertise as we create a new customer portal that will help Ace Aquatec’s customers run and manage their operational data at the touch of a button. We’re really excited to have such experienced and committed investors who share our values and who join us on this exciting journey.” - Nathan Pyne-Carter, Ace Aquatec CEO

 (Left) Chris van der Kuyl, (Right) Nathan Pyne-Carter, Ace Aquatec CEO

Based in Scotland, Ace Aquatec have expanded to key aquaculture markets with offices in Norway, Chile, Australia and Canada. They have a dedicated team of 26 full time employees, with expertise ranging from R&D and engineering to marketing and business development.
In October 2019, Aqua-Spark, the Netherlands-based investor committed to transforming the global aquaculture industry into one that is healthier, more sustainable, and more accessible, became Ace Aquatec’s first investor. Chroma Ventures quickly followed in July 2020 as we saw Ace Aquatec as a company who wanted to embrace digital technology because of its potential to open up exciting new commercial opportunities. Chris and Paddy are currently helping the firm deliver new applications, including using virtual reality googles for remote installations and repairs.

Ace Aquatec’s award winning In-water Stunner offers the highest animal welfare standards

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