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Puny Astronaut is an indie game studio. Chris is chairman of the company, and Paddy is a non-executive director.

Puny Astronaut




Dundee, Scotland

Puny Astronaut is an indie game studio and the founding team are recent graduates of Abertay University. The team is currently working on Skye Tales, the company's debut title.

As well as investing in the business, Chris and Paddy are mentors to Puny Astronaut's team of games developers. For them, this is a great example of reinvesting in the next generation of gaming talent in Dundee. Chris is chairman of the company and Paddy is a non-executive director.

Not only has our partnership with 4J opened many doors that could have otherwise taken years to open, but it has also given us the confidence to aim far higher with our ambitions and to never settle for only 'good enough'." - Cian Roche, Puny Astronaut Managing Director
When we met Puny Astronaut, and were first introduced to Skye, we could see instantly that the team and the game had enormous potential. Both are a perfect fit for 4J as our philosophy is based on developing ‘games for everyone'. Although the team was understandaby keen to bring Skye to market as soon as possible, Chris and I felt rushing it out would be a mistake. So, we offered to invest in them instead, which would give them the time, space and resources they needed to complete the game in line with their initial vision and to really do the idea justice.” - Paddy Burns

When Paddy and I met the team at Puny Astronaut we were bowled over by their talent and enthusiasm. We both saw real similarities between them and ourselves when we were first starting out. We remember exactly how tough a journey it can be to make it in this industry. Being able to not just provide the financial backing but also help the team to navigate the spider’s web of the market is something we are really looking forward to and it’s fantastic to see a new team – with such a massive future – being supported in this way.” - Chris van der Kuyl

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