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Chroma Developments identifies opportunities, bringing together top creative minds, construction experts and project managers to deliver award-winning projects.

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Dundee, Scotland

Chroma Developments identifies opportunities and brings together the best creative minds, construction experts and project management to deliver award winning property projects. Headed up by Managing Director Stewart Clark, the team are transforming unloved spaces into vibrant places and breathing new life into the community. The team has a sense of adventure and enjoy doing things differently, as evidenced by their first ambitious landmark development, Water's Edge.

We’re able to do things at a premium level. Design & construction excellence, high spec, smart tech, human comforts and great locations." - Stewart Clark, Managing Director

(From left to right) Paddy Burns, Chris van der Kuyl and Stewart Clark

Water's Edge

The work place reworked.

Dundee’s historic transit Shed 25 has been transformed into the state-of-the-art Water’s Edge commercial office development. Overlooking Dundee’s City Quay marina, Water’s Edge has been conceived as a catalyst to inspire, connect and energise 21st Century business innovators, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The Vision

At Water’s Edge we asked ourselves how working environment impacts on creative thinking and productivity? How much easier would it be to focus on the task in hand with a supply of fresh, clean air flowing through your open plan workspace, at just the right temperature? What if the broadband was ultrafast? Would blue-sky thinking come easier if you had your own waterside terrace? And wouldn’t it be great if there were other like-minded teams and individuals sharing the building and generating a creative community spirit? Would full management of the building and a calendar of exciting industry and public events to fire imagination be too much to ask?

The Result

Multi award winning Water's Edge combines historic detail with modern aesthetic and cutting-edge technology. From beautiful, multi-level offices with capacity for 50 people, through to individual co-working desks - open-plan, flexible workspace is at the heart of the development. Now home to an exciting set of businesses, the building's community spirit is alive and thriving.

Chroma Ventures are always looking for opportunities to create more places to work, places to call home, places to play, places to exhibit, places to meet, places to party.

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