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Team17 is a leading games entertainment label, and creative partner for indie developers focused on the premium rather than free to play market.





Wakefield, Manchester & Nottingham, England

Team17 is a leading games entertainment label and creative partner for independent ("indie") developers, focused on the premium, rather than free to play market, and creating games for the PC, console, mobile and tablet gaming markets. Alongside developing the company's own games in-house, Team17 also partners with independent developers across the globe to add value to their games in all areas of development and production and in bringing them to market across multiple platforms for fixed percentage royalties. Since foundation in 1990, Team17 has launched more than 100 games - including the iconic Worms, Overcooked! and Escapists franchises -making Team17 one of the most prolific developers and diverse partners of games for the indie market.

Chris and Paddy first invested in Team17 in 2016 and retained their stake throughout LDC's investment phase and beyond the firm's IPO in 2018. Chroma Ventures is now one of the largest non-institutional shareholders in the company, which is listed on AIM in London. The firm achieved significant growth in revenues, profit, and shareholder value during 2020, further extending its consistent record of year-on-year growth.

Anyone looking for early business investment, can highly recommend Chroma Ventures. Chris and Paddy became part of my journey in 2016. Great guys with phenomenal Industry knowledge (and very supportive)!" - Debbie Bestwick, Team17 CEO

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